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2.1 Installing the Plugin

The Giga System Builder is an Eclipse plugin. The simplest way to install the plugin is to point the Eclipse update page to the JeeWiz update site and let it handle the installation.

  1. To point Eclipse at the JeeWiz update update, select Help / Software Updates:
  2. Make sure the Available Software tab is visible and select Add Site. This will bring up the 'Add Site' dialog box. The site location to add is
  3. Open up the products and select (the latest version of) GigaSystemBuilder.
  4. Click Install.
  5. For the very first feature installed, you may get a very long delay followed by this:
    That's right - Eclipse has lost track of what you wanted installed! If you get this, click cancel and click Install again.
  6. After another delay, you should now get the Install screen, with the GigaSystemBuilder product preselected:
    Click Next.
  7. After a minute or two, the download and install should complete and you will be presented with this screen:
    This means that the GigaSystemBuilder is successfully installed. Click Yes to restart Eclipse.
  8. The installed feature (in the eclipse/features/ directory) is
    	- org.jeewiz.gigasystembuilder.feature.
    The following plugins are installed (in the eclipse/plugins/ directory) as directories:
    	- GigaspacesEcoreEMF.../
    	- GigaspacesEcoreEMF.edit.../
    	- GigaspacesEcoreEMF.editor.../
    	- GigaspacesEcoreEMF.tests.../
    	- org.jeewiz.gigasystembuilder.builder.../
    The org.eclipse.gmf.bridge.trace plug-in should also be installed as a directory.


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